Fede Ring

fede1 fede2 fede3 fede4


Fede rings (from the Italian word ‘trust’) were derived from the ancient Roman device of two hands clasped together as a pledge of plighted troth. Such rings were often used in the Medieval period as wedding rings or as symbols of faithful love. This ring combines the fede motif with two hands clasping a heart, making it clear it was intended as a love token or wedding ring.

Gift giving was a strong theme in medieval romance literature. Knights and ladies gave rings, brooches and belts as a means of communicating love and affection. Such presents were then worn by the receiver as symbols of love or loyalty.

  • Place of origin:Italy (possibly, made)
  • Date:15th century (made)
  • Materials and Techniques: Silver, engraved
  • Museum number: 848-1871 (V&A Museum)

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